Peyton Manning Neck Injury Decreasing His Arm Strength

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Peyton Manning Neck PainDenver Broncos Quarterback Peyton Manning is still not the player he once was. Based on observations made in the first 5 weeks of the NFL season, star quarterback Peyton Manning’s neck pain is causing more problems than most people know. As a San Marcos Chiropractor I am trained to help people achieve pain relief and optimal sports performance by removing any unneccessary nerve interference from their spine.

Watching the ball flutter out of Manning’s hand time after time is a clear sign that his hand strength is decreased compared to his pre-injury status. While I am not aware of Manning’s exact injury or situation it is clear to see he is not 100% healthy yet. All of the nerves that control the muscles of our hands and arms originate from the lower neck. In particular the “Median” and “Ulnar” nerves are formed by nerves roots that originate in the C6-T1 segments of the spine. These nerves are VERY IMPORTANT to a NFL Quarterback because they are the nerves that control the muscles of the thumb. With decreased thumb strength it is impossible for anyone, even the best NFL Quarterback, to throw a proper spiral. Hence the reason why duck season opened a little earlier than normal in Colorado this year.

Football players at any level are subject to extreme pressure on their spine and nervous systems. Almost every time a NFL game is played you hear about somebody getting “a neck stinger”, “a shoulder stinger” or a “concussion.” All of these injuries are neurological injuries that can be helped with proper chiropractic care. While chiropractic adjustments will not prevent any of these injuries from occuring during a game, getting adjusted after or during a game will return you to the action a lot sooner.

Next time you get injured on the field make sure to call your San Marcos Chiropractor, Dr. John Michals, (760) 510-5919 to get “BACK IN THE GAME!”

My name is John Michals. I am a native San Diegan, Escondido to be exact and I Love My Job! I was introduced to chiropractic in 1991 when my mom started seeing a chiropractor to help relieve her Sciatica. For months all I heard from my mom was how great her chiropractor was. In 1992 I nearly lost my leg when it was broken while playing soccer for Escondido High School. It was at this point that I decided I would dedicate my life to helping others as Dr. Fallon had helped me. Dr. Fallon was the surgeon who operated on my leg and saved it from being amputated. It was a miracle! Everyday there are miracles happening in our office and it feels great to be a part of them. This is why I Love My Job. I love helping people when they have lost all hope and "tried everything." When you are ready to change your life we will be here for you. In addition to loving my job I love living in beautiful San Diego with my amazing family. I have a wonderful wife of almost ten years. She is the mother of our two incredible and energetic boys. They definitely keep us both on our toes, but they are the loves of our life. No bio of mine could be complete without mention of my beloved Dallas Cowboys. I am not just a sports fan, I am a Fanatic! I have been a Dallas Cowboys and an athlete since I was about 4 or 5 years old. I love to play and watch any sport I can. I played soccer for over 20 years and I love watching it on Fox Soccer Channel, especially Liverpool. I also follow the San Diego Padres bandwagon. MAKE IT A GREAT DAY :-)

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  1. […] A couple of weeks ago Ron “Jaws” Jaworski made some critical observations of Peyton Manning that I believe were very valid. (Click Here to read the original article) Like Jaws, after watching the first nationally telivised Denver Broncos game with Peyton Manning at quarterback it was fairly evident that he was not throwing the ball as well as he used to. My immediate observation after watching this game was that any time Manning had to throw the ball to his right side, it was wobbly and weak. I believe that this is a direct result of the neck injuries he has suffered over the years. Why? Very simply Peyton Manning is suffering from …….Answer Here […]

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