Peyton Manning Neck Injury Decreasing His Arm Strength

October 8, 2012 Natural Pain Reliever

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Peyton Manning Neck PainDenver Broncos Quarterback Peyton Manning is still not the player he once was. Based on observations made in the first 5 weeks of the NFL season, star quarterback Peyton Manning’s neck pain is causing more problems than most people know. As a San Marcos Chiropractor I am trained to help people achieve pain relief and optimal sports performance by removing any unneccessary nerve interference from their spine.

Watching the ball flutter out of Manning’s hand time after time is a clear sign that his hand strength is decreased compared to his pre-injury status. While I am not aware of Manning’s exact injury or situation it is clear to see he is not 100% healthy yet. All of the nerves that control the muscles of our hands and arms originate from the lower neck. In particular the “Median” and “Ulnar” nerves are formed by nerves roots that originate in the C6-T1 segments of the spine. These nerves are VERY IMPORTANT to a NFL Quarterback because they are the nerves that control the muscles of the thumb. With decreased thumb strength it is impossible for anyone, even the best NFL Quarterback, to throw a proper spiral. Hence the reason why duck season opened a little earlier than normal in Colorado this year.

Football players at any level are subject to extreme pressure on their spine and nervous systems. Almost every time a NFL game is played you hear about somebody getting “a neck stinger”, “a shoulder stinger” or a “concussion.” All of these injuries are neurological injuries that can be helped with proper chiropractic care. While chiropractic adjustments will not prevent any of these injuries from occuring during a game, getting adjusted after or during a game will return you to the action a lot sooner.

Next time you get injured on the field make sure to call your San Marcos Chiropractor, Dr. John Michals, (760) 510-5919 to get “BACK IN THE GAME!”

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